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Anderson, Poul

Anthony, Piers

Archer, Jeffrey

Atwood, Margaret

REVIEW - Oryx and Crake

Bacigalupi, Paolo

Baldacci, David

Ballard, J.G.


Barker, Clive

Barry, Dave

Baxter, Stephen

Bear, Bear

Bell, Ted

Bemrose, John

Block, Lawrence

Blunt, Giles

Booth, Stephen

Bradbury, Ray

NOTE - The Peckham Expiriment

Brin, David

Brookmyre, Christopher

Brooks, Geraldine

Brown, Dan

Cail, Carol

Card, Orson Scott

Carey, Drew

Carey, Peter

Chamberlin, E.R.

Cherryh, C.J.

Chomsky, Noam

REVIEW - Hegemony or Survival

Churchill, Winston S.

Chute, Carolyn

Clancy, Tom

Clark, Mary Higgins

Clarke, Arthur C.

Conrad, Joseph

Coonts, Stephen

Cornwell, David

Cornwell, Particia

Crichton, Michael

Cunningham, Michael

Dahl, Roald

Darnton, John

Deaver, Jeffery

RANT - Mystery Heroes (Sept 2004)

Delany, Samuel R.

Deverell, William

De Jonge, Peter

DeWitt, Helen

Diamant, Anita

Diamond, Jared

Dickson, Gordon R.

Donaldson, Stephen R.

Dostoesvsky, Fyordor

Dubus III, Andre

REVIEW-  The House of Sand and Fog

Duncan, Dave

Dunning, Dave

Eaton, Chris

REVIEW- The Inactivist

Eco, Umberto

Evanovich, Janet

Fair, A.A.

Faulkner, William

Findley, Timothy

Flannagan, Richard

Flannery, Sean

Fleishman, Neil

Follett, Ken

Forsyth, Frederic

Francis, Clare

Francis, Dick

Franklin, Ariana

Frey, James

REVIEW - A Million Little Pieces

Frey, Stephen

Frost, Jason

Fry, Stephen

Gabaldon, Diana

Gallagher, Stephen

Garner, Erle Stanley

Gerritsen, Tess

Goddard, Robert

Gray, John

Grimes, Martha

Grisham, John


Gross, Andrew

Hall, James W.

Hammett, Dashell

Hardy, Thomas

Harris, Robert

Harris, Thomas

Hart, Ellen

Harvey, Jack

Harvey, John

Hailey, Arthur

Harvey, Jack

Heinlein, Robert

Herbert, James

Hern, Lian

Higgins, Jack

Hillhouse, Raelynn

Hitchcock, Alfred

Holme, Timothy

Hosseini, Khaled

REVIEW - The Kite Runner

Irving, John

REVIEW - The Fourth Hand

James, P.D.

RANT - A difference of Character

Jardine, Quintin

Johansen, Iris

Johnson, Wayne

Keating, H.R.F.

Keith (Jr.), William H.

Kellerman, Faye

Kellerman, Jonathan

King, Stephen

Klein, Joe

REVIEW - Primary Colors

Koontz, Dean

Kraus, Nicola

Laird, Gordon

Land, Jon

Lansens, Lori

REVIEW - Rush Home Road

L’Amour, Louis

Larsson, Stieg

LeCarré, John

Lee, Adam

Lee, Harper

Lehane, Dennis

Lescroart, John

Llewellyn, Caroline

Lodge, David

Louv, Richard

Ludlum, Robert

Ludlum, Robert TM

MacLean’s, Alistair

MacNeil, Beatrice

REVIEW - Butterflies Dance in the Dark

Maguire, Gregory

Margolin, Philip

Martini, Steve

McBain, Ed

McCall, Alexander

McCarrity, Michael

McDevitt, Jack

McLaughlin, Emma

McLean, Stuart

McLure, James

Meltzer, Brad

Michener, James A.

Mitchell, Ken

Mlodinow, Leonard

Morley, Christopher

Morrissey, Donna

REVIEW - Downhill Chance

Murphy, Warren

Myers, Amy

Neel, Janet

Nicholas, John

Nixon, Joan Lowery

Oickle, Vernon

O'Connell, Carol

Oliphant, B.J.

Orde, A.J.

O’Shaughnessy, Perri

Pamuk, Orhan


Patterson, James

Pearson, William

NOTE: Potemkin Villages

Pedneau, Dave

Peiczenik, Steve R.

Perry, Anne

Perry, Thomas

QUOTE - On dating younger women

Peters, Ellis

Pierre, D.B.C.

Pineiro, R. J.

RANT: Cyber "Space"

Proulx, Annie

REVIEW- The Shipping News

Rankin, Ian

Reichs, Kathy

Rendell, Ruth

Rice, Anne

Richardson, Robert

Richler, Mordecai

Rinehart, Mary Roberts

Roberts, Gillian

Robertson, Pat

Robinson, Bruce

Robinson, Peter

Rucka, Greg

Russell, Mary Doria

Salinger, J.D.

Sanders, Lawrence

Sanford, John

Saul, John

Sayers, Dorothy

Schenk, Martin

Shelby, Philip

Sheldon, Sydney

Shreve, Anita

Siegel, Sheldon

Sloan, Susan R.

Stewart, Jon

Stewart, Mary

Straub, Peter

Streiber, Whitley

Suzuki, David

REVIEW- The Sacred Balance

Tannahill, Reay

Tepper, Sheri S.

Tsolkas, Christos

Updike, John

Vonnegut Jr., Kurt

Walters, Minette

Watford, W.H.  

Weiner, Jennifer

Wheatly, Dennis

Woods, Stuart

Woodworth, Stephen

Wyndham, John

Robert, Young-Pelton






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