LAST UPDATE:  December 2010

(which does not mean it is up to date)


Intro -

I spend a lot of my time reading.  I read work-related material half the day and I use books (primarily fiction) to relax.  I read when I go outside for a smoke (no smoking indoors) and I read every night when I go to bed.  I read a lot on weekend mornings and when my wife is out of the house.  Someday I would like to get a list of books I have read in some sort of data-base; partly so I can look up the less memorable ones and not purchase them again and partly so that someone else could search to see if I have a book (I save almost all of them and rarely borrow). 

In July 2003 I started keeping a list of the books I had read and, for most of them, compiling short descriptions (sometimes reviews) so that I could remember the stories.

Originally I had just created a straight list of books I had read beginning in July of 2003. Then in September of 2004, I realized exactly how many books I read a year and decided that a simple list was not the way to list books.  For this reason I switched to grouping the books.

I have listed the authors alphabetically by last name but the books are listed in the order that I read them (or wrote notes on them).  This keeps the notes in order as I learn more about an author.


I must admit that I do not often read the highest of English literature.  In fact, I must admit to reading a lot of what I would call "entertaining crap".  This is not to say that there is nothing worthwhile in the books I read.  Stephen King, for example, while describing his own work as "the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries", surely must feel that there are some redeeming qualities to both his own work and MacDonald's. I certainly do.

This is also not to say that I do not read some "real" novels (although not all of them are good)..  Books that win prizes and such.  I have written full reviews for some of these "real" novels (as opposed to the brief descriptions you will find under the names in the frame to the left).   

I have a (possibly bad) habit of reading purely for the joy of escaping from "every day life".  To make matters worse, I also have a habit of scouring the bargain book stands in used book stores for the paperbacks that are priced at 5 for 5 dollars (or less). Sometimes I find some gems, sometimes some regular blue rock and sometimes a turd that someone mistook for a rock. 

It is worth it to find the gems.   

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